Signage for Education

Igloo Signs work with Colleges, Schools and Academies across the UK. Who have a problem with old, fragmented and tired signage throughout their site/estate and need to clearly identify different departments whilst maintaining a corporate image with well designed, creative. colourful signage.

We will arrange a site visit and walk/talk through options to fit your budget, as well as consulting with your design agency to make best visual use of space and surroundings.

So that, every part of your school is on brand and clearly shows direction. We will also help with understanding needs for disabilities and impaired vision.

Which means every pupil/student feels looked after and cared for. Investing in clear, well manufactured signage shows you care and take pride in showing the College, School or Academy in the best possible light.

Free Standing

Indoor or outside these will offer an unmissable message with great impact and style. At Igloo we can offer a full design to installation service in a variety of materials , finishes and colours. Suitable for a variety of locations around your College Campus, School or Academy.

Bespoke Signs

From design to installation we are able to offer the full bespoke signage package for both internal or external use. With an extensive range and knowledge of materials we will be able to offer you the best manufacturing and installation processes.

Printed Signs

We are able to create an exceptional quality range of digitally printed signs to various different substrates. With a full design service together with a huge colour choice the signs will look outstanding and are suitable for both in or outdoor use.

Braille/Tactile Signs

These signs are an important addition to signage projects, especially in public areas. Mostly used in access areas to toilets, showers, bathrooms etc., however they can be of use near display material not easily accessed by the blind & partially sighted. For further information regarding requirements please read more about the Equality Act 2010 (formerly known as the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) for clarification.

Interior Signs

Interior signage can be used for a multitude of purposes in education. We are able to help you make the best decision for your signage through our extensive knowledge and experience. We are able to offer all types of signs from Modular signage, through to door signs, display signs including very attractive polished acrylics, all of which will help you to create a clear corporate brand message.